In the Morning Light

Description: Created: January 7, 2006. Whew... This has been another long one. I can't believe I worked on it as long as I did, but I guess I'm just crazy like that. It's probably been about 2 months since I started.

So, the process... First I started in Blender. This was the first time I had used Yafray as a renderer, so a lot of time was spent experimenting with global illumination settings. And since the full size, full quality render took about 24 hours, that's took up a lot of time. But I was determined to make it work, because I wanted the light quality in the room, and it turned out extremely well...

Then to the girl. She probably took less 'time', but a lot more work on my part. This is of course, a continuation of my effort to paint realistic people, and I'm pleased with the results. The wallpaper version with the room doesn't show much detail, so I'm doing another wallpaper of just a closeup of the girl. I'll also release a poster. Anyway, all that was in Photoshop of course, except the coffee cup, which was blender, and the mountains, which I did in Bryce.

Inspiration? I don't know... I wanted to do another 'girl' painting, and I wasn't sure which direction I was going with it for a long time. At one point I thought maybe a 'princess' type picture with a more flowing dress, but I've sort of done that before (snow angel), and I also had to find a pose that made sense. Eventually I settled on the idea that it's early morning, she just got up, and she's just going to get her cup of coffee, lean against the door, and enjoy the sunrise.

Hope you like it.

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