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Advanced Lighting Effects

Advanced Lighting Effects

This is a technique that is useful for anything you want to give a 3-D effect to. The"Golf Ball" picture was entirely done with this effect. This tutorial uses Alpha Channels and the Lighting Effects filter and is highly adaptable.

1. For demonstration purposes, I will use a plain gray background.

2. Click on the Channels pallete and click the New Channel button. A new channel, #4, will be created and selected.

3. We will paint on this channel to produce 3-D effects. Paint with white to make the high areas. White = high, Black = low. This can be easily inverted, but for simplicity, we will stay with the normal mode. I will paint with white on this channel.

4. Click the RGB channel to get back to the gray background. Now, to the lighting effects control panel. Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. Now, the only change I'm going to make is to change the Texture Channel setting to #4, the channel we painted on.

5. Click OK. That's the basics of it. You've made a 3-D looking shape. For more advanced techniques, continue this tutorial by clicking here .


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