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Interlaced Lines

This tutorial will tell you how to make lines on a picture to generate an effect similar to that of scanlines on a TV.

1. Make a new image 1 pixel wide and 2 pixels high with a transparent background.(If you want vertical lines, make the dimensions 2 wide and 1 high. Also, if you want the lines further apart, make the longest side longer: 2>3>4 etc.)

2. Zoom up to 1600% and use the pencil tool to make one pixel black. Leave the other one clear.

3. Press Ctrl-A to Select All. Then go to Edit>Define Pattern.

4. Open the image you want to put the lines on and add a new layer. This will allow you to adjust the lines after you have made them.

5. Select the area you want to interlace, and go to Edit>Fill. In the 'Contents' Drop-down box, choose 'Pattern' with 100% opacity. Click OK.

You now have lines on your picture. If you want to make them lighter just adjust the opacity of that layer. Since you have them on a layer, you can do anything you want to them.

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