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Fire + Smoke 2

Here is more fire and smoke. It can be used for clouds as well. This tutorial requires more artistry, but it gives better control and better results. I would suggest reading the other Fire and Smoke tutorials before using this one, as similar techniques are used.

1. Start with a black canvas and make a new layer.

2. Using the airbrush tool with white at 50% pressure, draw the general shape of the smoke. Don't fill it in all the way; leave some shades of gray.

3. Now apply a layer mask and using black/white, render clouds. Then render Difference Clouds a few times until it looks good.

4. Now, use the color picker(I) and pick one of the gray colors, and paint with the airbrush ON THE LAYER MASK on the areas of that color. Repeat with the other shades of gray. This is the part that requires artistry. The purpose of this is to smooth the cloud/flame/etc.

5. This one is turning out to look like a flame, so let's make it a flame. Flatten the image, and then follow this step from the fire1 tutorial:

All these commands are in the Image>Mode menu. Go to: Grayscale, then Indexed Color, then Color Table and choose 'Black Body'.

Experiment with the airbrush and levels before and after making the flame. Have fun.

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