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This is a technique to make cool looking chrome text. This tutorial requires some type of bevel filter. I highly recommend PhotoBevel Solo. You can get it absolutely free at .

1. I will start with a black background. Using a mid-range gray, I will put some text in the middle. This will work best using a bold font. Here I am using 60 pt. Heather.

2. Merge the text layer with the background. Now, make a new layer, and put a black-white gradient with two gradients in it. It should look like this:

3. Make the gradient go from top to bottom on the picture. Then choose the 'Overlay' blending mode from the menu in the layers pallete.

4. Click on the visibility mode button next to layer 1 to make it invisible, then use the magic wand tool to select the gray text. Make layer 1 visible again and be sure it is the active layer (as shown in the picture).

5. Now go to your Bevel filter. (Filter>Extensis> PhotoBevel Solo). Play around with these settings until you are pleased. The settings I used are at the bottom of the screen. I suggest a flat bevel. Turn down the softness and turn up the highlights to make it look more metallic. As usual, play around with it until you like it.

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