Explorer Launcher

Program :: Visual Basic 5 source

Version 2.1


Description: Want Windows Explorer to start somewhere other than c:\ ? Explorer Launcher will let you start from any directory. You have the option of a single-pane or double-pane view. ExLauncher sits in the system tray, allowing you quick access to your favorite folder. I find this extremely useful, and use it all the time.


Version 2.1 Fixed it so it works with IE 5.02+, which for some reason seemed to make it not work right sometimes. No noticeable user interface changes.

Version 2.0 A plethora of new features and changes, most notably the favorites and the installer.

Version 1.2 By request: added the ability to choose Window State. Maximized, Minimized, Normal.

Version 1.1 Fixed the 'open in f:/... directory on startup' problem. Now opens to windows directory.

Version 1.0 Original release

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