Shutdown Countdown

Shutdown Countdown - Program :: Visual Basic 5 Source

Version 2.0


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2.1 beta version (support for NT, not fully tested) - Program :: Visual Basic 5 Source

Version 2.1 beta


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Description: This is an auto shutdown program for Windows. The user tells the program to amount of time and the type of shutdown (complete shutdown, complete restart, Windows restart, or Log Off). The program will start to count down the time. When the timer reaches zero, the computer will shut down. Also includes password and automation features. Note: This program is not currently supported under Windows NT/2000/XP.


Version 2.1 beta - Previously unreleased, this version had some support for NT/2K/XP. It worked, but I never got around to fully testing and releasing it.

Version 2.0 New Administration and Automation features. Also new "Force" shutdown options.

Version 1.03 Original release

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