Story: You're a little kid named Link. You end up having to travel through time to save Hyrule. I don't want to give too much away.

Graphics: Wow. Extremely good graphics and lots of cool cinema scenes to tell the story.

Sound: Really good sound effects and a really cool simulated surround sound feature. Some good music, some not so good. The Gerudo Valley music rules.

Play control: New targeting system is good and useful in battles, but sometimes it's hard to target what you're trying to hit.

Play Value: This game will keep you playing for weeks. Probably 40-50 hours the first time through. Not a lot of replay value since it is so long, but some fun mini-games including fishing.

Rating: E-Everyone. Violence against monsters with a sword and other weapons.

Summary: It's being called the game of the century. I don't think I can disagree.

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