Story: Another game based on the cash cow Star Wars franchise. This one makes an entire racing game based on the pod race in episode 1.

Graphics: Has hi-res mode with the expansion pak and it looks awesome. Lo-res mode is real blurry, and even though you gain a few extra frames per second, it's not worth the tradeoff.

Sound: The sound effects are very good. There isn't any music until the last lap of each race, but it's typical John Williams-esqe Star Wars music.

Play Control: Control is different for each pod, and it all is very good.

Play Value: The game is easy at first, but becomes more challenging after the first circuit. Lots of tracks, each with variations. About 25 tracks in all. You also can upgrade your pod, by buying parts with the money you win on races.

Rating: E - Everyone. No real violence.

Summary: In the extreme racing category, this game is second only to F-Zero. A very well designed game.

My, My, this here Anakin guy...

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