Story: Yet another Tetris game.

Graphics: The backgrounds are beautifully pre-rendered and hi-res. The blocks are, well... blocks.

Sound: More techno like Tetrisphere, only this time it has a world music twist. Once again, some good, some bad.

Play Control: The blocks verily easily turn in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Play value: New features include the ability to hold a piece until it is needed. If you get enough lines, you are able to unlock 'wonders' of the world. You'll have to play a heck of a lot of Tetris to get all the wonders. Also includes up to 4 player multiplay.

Rating: E - Everyone. It's Tetris, but yes, you can dump garbage on your opponents in multiplayer mode.

Summary: It's amazing that a game this simple can be this much fun. Probably one of the best versions ever. If you don't own this game in some other form, you should get it.

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