Story: Take my Mario Golf review, replace the word 'Golf' with 'Tennis' and it will probably be about the same as this review. The games are made by the same company, and most elements are the same.

Graphics: Very clear, fast graphics. They aren't very detailed, but they don't need to be. It's in the very cartoony Mario style.

Sound: Average music and sound effects.

Play control: The controls are easy and intuitive. Playing on the far side of the court is a bit awkward, I thought.

Play Value: This game has plenty of modes/characters/etc. I think this game would probably be best as a multiplayer game. I thought the single player game got dull quick, of course I'm not a tennis fan so I might not like it as much as some people.

Rating: E - Everyone.

Summary: It's a long way from Pong, and seems to be a pretty good game overall. I liked Mario Golf better, but that's just me.



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