Story: "Mario Golf" is pretty self-explanatory.

Graphics: The usual cartoony Mario style. They weren't going for realism on this one.

Sound: The music is about what you would expect from a game like this. The sound effects are all right. Some of the voices are lame. "It's a sunny day!!!" ?!? What were they thinking?

Play Control: The usual power bar is used. You can easily look ahead to see where your ball is going to land.

Play Value: Lots of replay on this one. Many characters and courses to unlock. Many modes of play, including speed golf, putt-putt, and multiplayer modes.

Rating: E - Everyone. The players even congratulate each other on a 'Nice shot.'

Summary: If you've ever played Hot Shots Golf on the Playstation, this will seem familiar: it's from the same developent team. A pretty fun game with lots of play value.

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