Story: Although this is 'The Legend of Zelda: MM', it doesn't take place in the main Zelda world. Link is in a parallel universe where the moon will crash into the earth in 72 hours. There is a lot more to the story than this, of course, but the main objective is to stop the moon.

Graphics: The graphics are a little better than Ocarina, which means they are excellent. The framerate is pretty solid. There is a cool new motion blur effect that is used in many cut-scenes. The game does require the expansion pak.

Sound: Sound quality is great. Several songs return from Ocarina, and there are a few new ones. The original Zelda theme returns (yay).

Play control: It uses the Ocarina game engine, so most elements are the same. Using masks, Link can change into different forms; each has their own special moves.

Play Value: Although you only have 72 hours in game time, you can use the ocarina to warp back to the first day. So you will have to replay the 3 day period many times to be able to explore all the worlds. Besides the 4 main areas and temples, there are many side quests to do. Once you finish the game, it has about the same replay value of Ocarina.

Rating: E - Everyone.

Summary: Although it doesn't have quite the same 'epic' feel as other Zelda games, it is an excellent game by any standard.

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