About Me. For whatever reason, I never really wanted to put any personal information online. Paranoia, I guess. One of the cool things about the internet is that you can remain quite anonymous if you wish. The web has given the common man the ability to publish to a worldwide audience, so you can be famous or you can let your content speak for itself. That's what I've done for most of the time this site has been up. I might be weird, but I don't really like fame. I like to create cool stuff, and share it with people, but I don't particularly care if anyone knows I did it. In fact, many people I know personally probably don't even know this site exists. Which is fine with me, I guess it's just me being shy as usual.

BUT, for some reason, I felt like I should put something up about me and the site. Give people a face to put with the name, etc. So here we go:
Hi. I'm Adam. I'm 42. I'm an artist (obviously), although my day job is fixing computers. I spend most of my life in front of computers in one way or another. Fixing them, surfing the web, programming, working on this site, working on other sites, doing research, playing games, etc etc. I'm basically a big geek.

My other passion in life is God. I'm a Christian, and I want to use the talents God has given me to glorify Him and spread His gospel to the whole world. I do this in association with my friend James S. Hodges through his website, our book "The Trail of Truth", and future projects we already have in mind. This is very important to me, and I intend to make it a greater focus of my time in the coming days.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Check out the other sections for more information about the site and my artwork. Hope this has been informative. God bless.


And no, I don't normally dress like that. That was "old-fashioned" day at church, but that's the best picture I have of myself, so I used it anyway. Also see: MySpace