Nice lens flare.

Pretty leaf colors.

Lots of cars to choose from.

Be a cop.

Nice background.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is the latest version of the very popular NFS series. A pretty typical racing game, the most notable feature being that the cops are actually out to get you for racing on the streets.

The environments are designed well, and the game looks decent, but it also definitely has some graphical flaws. Most notable is the framerate. It can be quite jerky at times, which definitely takes away from a smooth racing experience. With the power of the current generation of consoles, bad framerates *should* be a thing of the past. The textures are also rather low resolution and blurry. The car models are pretty good though.

The music comes from EA's TRAX, which is their collection of licensed popular music. I didn't particularly care for it, but that's just my taste in music. Fortunately, you can adjust music and sound volume independently, so you can turnit off if you don't like it. The sound effects are fine, and the voice acting for the cops is decent, although a bit repetitive.

The controls are fairly standard. 'A' for gas, 'B' for brake, 'L' + 'R' for up and down shift if you choose manual transmission. If you're playing as a cop, the D-pad is used to turn on you siren or call for backup.

The two main modes of the game are Hot Pursuit and Championship. Each has 33 racing events to finish. The main difference between the two is that Hot Pursuit has the cops chasing you, Championship doesn't. There are several different styles of event, such as a multi-race tournament, 'Knockout' where you have to be highly ranked on each lap to advance, and even 'Be a cop' modes where you are the top trying to track down the racers.

Play/Replay Value:
There are quite a few cars to unlock, and several tracks as well. Most events are similar though, so it could get a bit dull after a while.

E - Everyone. Remember though, trying to outrun the cops in real life is a BAD idea.

A decent racing game that could have been a lot better with some more work done on the graphics. But still, a good game. Worth a rental.

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