Hot volcano level.

Lots of turns.

Monkey Soccer.

Monkey Baseball.

Monkey Tennis.

Monkey Target, now with 5x the monkeys!

Super Monkey Ball was one of the most fun and unique titles for the GameCube's launch, and now those crazy monkeys in the plastic balls are back once again with an even better game than the first.

This time there actually IS a story, and it's totally goofy. The evil Dr. BAD-BOON (like baboon, only BADboon, get it? LOL) has stolen all the bananas and our fearless monkey friends must chase him down. You just have to see it to understand.

Like the original, SMB2 has very clear graphics and a rock solid framerate. And this time, the backgrounds are much more detailed and the whole game looks very very nice.

More happy, upbeat tunes. Quite good stuff. The sound is good as well, and the monkeys talk in some kind of language, either Japanese or jibberish, I can't tell.

As in the first game, all that's really needed for the main game is the control stick to move the level around. Most of the party games use additional buttons for different things depending on the game. The button configurations for each are listed on the 'How to play' pause screen. The only time the controls were difficult was in the Monkey Boat mini-game, which requires alternating the L and R buttons to paddle. This takes some getting used to.

Oh boy. Everything in the original SMB and a lot more. First of all, the main game. In addition to the traditional Challenge mode, there is now the story mode which has 100 new maze levels divided into 10 areas. I think the story mode is much easier because you have unlimited continues, and if you're having trouble with a level, you can play the other levels and come back to it. There are still a few frustrating levels that just take luck, but overall the game seemed easier, probably because of the unlimited continues. But if you enjoy pain, the challenge mode is there as well.

Some developers would stop there, but not Sega's Amusement Vision. There are now twelve (12) party games to play. Six are improved versions of the original SMB party games, Six are new. Most of the classic games include new modes of play and new layouts (Monkey Golf is much easier). The new games include:
Monkey Boat - kayak racing
Monkey Shot - An interesting arcade style shooting game
Monkey Dogfight - Flying monkey deathmatch
Monkey Soccer - Soccer, obviously.
Monkey Baseball - A cool variation of baseball, probably my favorite of the new games
Monkey Tennis - Tennis, which I wasn't very good at.

I thought the improved original games were better than the new additions, but they are all well done.

Replay Value:
As you can see, this game has tons of stuff to do. All the mini-games make it the ultimate multiplayer party game.

E - Everyone. Very family friendly. How could you not like cute little monkeys?

Super Monkey Ball improved in every way. This is truly an excellent game and lots of fun. Highly Recommended.

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